Developing a plan of action

Listing Strategies

Once you've decided on a REALTOR®, you'll want to know what his or her marketing plan will include. How often will there be open houses? Will he or she be listing your property on a Multiple Listing Service®? How does he or she plan to advertise the house?

You'll also need to decide whether to list exclusively with one firm or go with the MLS®? Generally, the more people that see your house, the likelier it is to sell quickly at the price you want.  Many sellers are anxious to sell their homes quickly. These sellers usually choose the MLS® system over an exclusive listing because the property gets greater exposure.

Professional real estate salespeople know how to separate the "lookers" from the "buyers". They can determine a qualified buyer. A couple's income, lifestyle and the date they must purchase helps establish their housing requirements.

Prepping for Viewings

Whether or not your home shows well to prospective buyers can make a difference in terms of how long it stays on the market, and what it sells for. REALTORS® can also give clients tips on how to improve their home to create a good first impression. Fresh paint, new wallpaper and flowers are all elements in the sales effort. Sometimes, rearranging the furniture and taking out extra pieces is all that is needed.

Negotiating Value

Real estate professionals are experienced in arranging financing and closing deals. A REALTOR® can assist in negotiating a better offer, act as a mediator between buyer and seller and draw up a legally binding contract.

A professionally trained REALTOR® may be able to sell your home quicker at a better price than you could get privately because he or she has greater access to potential clients. Furthermore, you'll be able to go through the transition period with less worry and inconvenience.